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About Us

If it absolutely has to be “ON”, Energy Security, Inc. has solution to fit your needs.

Energy Security, Inc. is a new entity wholly owned by Automation & Entertainment, Inc. The new company was formed to better address the market created by the public grid’s inability to deliver consistent, reliable power to customers here in Northern California. A&E, a home automation systems integration company, has been designing and implementing comprehensive energy security systems for their smart home customers for over 15 years. These customers needed to have clean, uninterrupted energy to keep their homes sophisticated systems operating and their families’ safe no matter the situation. Using that experience we’ve developed systems that deliver consistent, clean, efficient energy regardless of what the public grid’s situation is that are tailored to your needs. Energy Security, Inc. is dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive energy security systems that are unparalleled in the residential and small business market.

Meet the “A” team

Paul Wilkinson

Paul Wilkinson– CEO

Paul’s passion for energy security began shortly after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Living just 2 miles from the epicenter his home was nearly destroyed and left without power for weeks. He vowed never to left in the dark again and set about designing and building his own micro-grid based on a micro-cogeneration system. Over…

Mark Wialbut

Mark Wialbut – CMO

Mark went to work at Intel in Static RAM development before veering off into Encon Systems, a start-up, helping bring to market the world’s first microprocessor based energy management system. Mark spent most of his career in high tech, selling highly complex machines used to test microprocessors and memory chips in the semiconductor industry with…

Tripp Hyde

Tripp Hyde, PE

Tripp Hyde, PE is President of Hyde Engineering Services, Inc. He and his company focus on engineering design for specialty energy projects. He was previously Director of Engineering Services at Stem, Inc. Tripp has overseen the design, deployment, and operation of 250+ advanced energy projects, including behind-the-meter and utility-connected battery energy storage, MW-scale solar PV, and utility-scale…

Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson – Micro-grid engineering

Tom has been working in energy storage for 7+ years. He leads the storage project engineering team with specialties in grid attached and off-grid energy storage development for one of the largest utilities in the world. He previously led product development and system design for PV+Storage products for NRG and the Field and Systems engineering teams at…

Robert Walter

Robert Walter – Hydronics Engineering

Robert is one of the most talented Hydronics engineers on the planet, founder and owner of Vancouver, BC, Canada’s TTS Controls. Robert designs Energy Security’s thermal grids and hydronic systems. His innovative designs help make ESI’s Interactive Energy Grid™ systems unique in the industry.

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