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Reliable, Efficient, Environmentally Responsible Energy no Matter the Situation

The public grid has become untrustworthy, inevitable power shutdowns and brownouts leaving us vulnerable. It’s not just inconvenient, it’s dangerous. No lights, no heat, no security system, no internet, not a good situation. If that wasn’t bad enough, your Utility bills are on the rise! Energy Security, Inc. has a solution, right now:

Your own self-sufficient Interactive Energy Grid™

  1. Uninterrupted energy
  2. Significantly lower your property’s operating costs
  3. Be free from rising electric power rates
  4. Significantly reduce your property’s environmental impact

ESI will tailor a system that can power your entire property full-time so you never have to worry about electricity rate increases or blackouts again. Not only will you have the energy security you desire, no matter the situation, our “always on” systems protect your sensitive electronics by delivering clean, consistent power at all times.

Because heating buildings and water require the more energy than lighting and other electrical loads ESI has developed solutions that are unique in this market. ESI’s Interactive Energy Grid™ systems can produce and store electrical and thermal energy providing for all your energy needs in the most economical and efficient way possible. Energy Security, Inc. is the sole provider of micro-cogeneration systems approved for full-time use in the San Francisco Bay Area. Cogeneration is more reliable, efficient, quieter and economical to operate than common back-up generation systems and battery energy storage systems alone. Cogeneration has been in use commercially for over 100 years, now ESI has made it viable for residential or small commercial applications in the Bay Area.

Cogeneration is a simple system that captures the thermal energy that is normally lost in the generation of electricity. That thermal energy in the form of BTU’s heats your pool, domestic hot water and can even provide the BTU’s to heat your home or business. Cogeneration is almost 3 times more efficient than grid delivered electricity making it much more environmentally responsible as well as economically advantageous. In fact, our micro-cogeneration systems can produce electricity for a fraction of what the utility charges and are not subject to their inevitable rate increases.

In addition to giving, you complete energy independence from PG&E, the energy stability of our system protects your electronic systems from damaging power fluctuations. And, it’s compatible with solar power systems, in fact any electrical power source so they’re future proof as well.

Our Solution

ESI’s Interactive Energy Grid™ systems utilize the latest and most efficient inverter technology. These inverters are flexible, modular and Plug & Play. Your system size is determined by need, from 2.5kW on up to 1.85MW. We can offer solutions for two-phase (2x120Vac) and/or three-phase (3x208Vac) electrical loads with redundancy for extremely reliable operation in a very compact enclosure.

Interactive Energy Grid™

Interactive Energy Grids™ are small energy systems capable of balancing available supply resources with the demand to maintain stable service within specific confines. The “Interactive” part is the adaptive computer-based system that intelligently controls all the power sources available, including the public grid feed, to provide the most economical, efficient and reliable power source in any given situation.

The cornerstone of our Interactive Energy Grid™systems for properties that have sufficient heating needs is micro-cogeneration that simultaneously produces both heat and electricity.

Cogeneration and Its Advantages

Compared to common auxiliary generators, cogen systems are much quieter, more efficient, friendlier to the environment, lower maintenance and are often used for primary power. When compared to electrical power provided by the utility Cogenerators are nearly 3 times more efficient, making them more economical and environmentally responsible.

New UPS Systems Featuring State-of-the-Art Power Blender™ Technology

The Power Blender™ design provides a pure sine wave AC output with no transfer time. In conjunction with a battery storage system, it offers an excellent AC backup solution ensuring your critical electrical loads to be always available and supplied with clean consistent power.

critical load support UPS
Energy- and Space-Efficient Design

Our UPS has been designed to offer our customers the most compact and modular solution for critical power backup applications. Using fully bidirectional, dual conversion inverters, these systems provide superior energy efficiency in a compact size.

Utilize Any Electrical Power Source

Traditional systems solely rely on the available battery storage to power your critical loads when there is a problem with the public grid. In contrast to those structures, our Power Blender™ technology can utilize power from any other source you may have available, such as solar grids, backup generators, and built-in battery storage.

Energy Security

Power Blender™ UPS are based on backplane-mounted modular inverters with integrated redundancy. In the event that there is a problem, the system will automatically switch over to a built-in spare inverter to prevent any downtime.

Safe and Reliable Built-In Battery Energy Storage

In addition, our systems come equipped with ZincFive batteries. ZincFive is the world leader in the innovation and delivery of nickel-zinc, battery-based batteries for mission-critical uses. These batteries offer several advantages for UPS applications:

  • Superior Performance: High Power and Energy Density
  • Long Operating Life: High Cycle Count
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Physically Safer Than Lead-Acid and Lithium-Ion Chemistries
  • Recyclable
  • Long Shelf Life With No Periodic Maintenance Required
Equipped With Our Clean Power Distribution Unit (CPDU)

The CPDU makes it easy to connect and monitor your critical electronic devices. There is also a built-in bypass breaker in case a problem occurs, allowing quick and safe switchover to “house power.”

Reach Out to Us

If you or someone you know is concerned about energy security, contact us. We will be happy to discuss energy solutions that can help keep your household safe and comfortable.

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